Fellow Partners & Friends,

I am honored and privileged to present to you the growing portfolio of Navika Group of Companies & Blue Sky Hospitality Solutions.

I am grateful and appreciative of all our partners from across the country – Texas, Alabama, Boston, Connecticut, Tennessee, Georgia and other states, for their support & dedication to the industry over the years.

We have been in business for 17 years, and I am happy to report that due to our prudent investment practices and strong business plans, we have successfully steered Navika & Blue Sky through the tough times of the past few years.

We have entered into strategic partnerships, with well-established individuals and enterprises in the hospitality industry and expanded our geographical presence in the United States. We have acquired many branded hotels in the last 5 years and many more in the due diligence phases. Most importantly, all our partners have endorsed the growth plan and acquisition strategy of Navika & Blue Sky.

The company has established a strong foundation and it is time to build on this infrastructure. The outlook for the hospitality industry is positive for the forthcoming years. It is time to invest in quality and performing assets to enhance enterprise value.

I am confident that with qualified and experienced leadership and management team, the support of the Executive Committee and the encouragement of all our partners, Navika & Blue Sky will continue to grow and increase its portfolio of hospitality assets over the years to come.

I thank you for your partnership in Navika & Blue Sky, and pledge to adhere to the highest standards of ethics and integrity and to follow the principles on which Navika & Blue Sky were founded on.


Haridas Kotahwala
Navika Group of Companies