Navika’s vision is to become a premier commercial real estate and lodging company to generate consistent returns with reduced volatility to our partners by investing their capital in the most profitable commercial real estate and franchised hospitality assets across United States.


Navika’s objectives are to consistently provide the highest possible returns on capital to its partners, preserve and grow partner’s capital, and enhance earnings by implementing dynamic, productive and sustainable business strategies. Navika also stresses the importance of building quality relationships based on integrity, responsibility and respect, and create a work environment where team members are valued and our mission is fulfilled.


Navika is committed to fostering an entrepreneurial culture where we employ the most capable and talented individuals, and encourage them to think independently in collaborative setting, enabling them to grow personally and professionally.


Discipline and successful execution have been, and always will be, the cornerstone of our acquisition strategy. We will aggressively pursue acquisition in the growing regions that offer the potential for high revenue growth and maximize capital appreciation. Regarding hospitality real estate, we will continue to focus on premium brands that appeal to broad spectrum of customers, ranging from diversified corporate customers, to leisure and group visits.


Navika’s strategy is simple – To create significant value through intelligent positioning and operating strategies. In order to achieve this goal, we analyze each property individually in order to create value from its unique attributes within specific parameters. Working with our management and operation team, we strive to develop optimal business mix for each property, while constantly adapting to the change in this economic environment to enhance revenue growth and flow of funds from operation.


We constantly strive to develop more efficient ways to operate our properties and hotels whatever the economic climate is; then work to deploy these cost saving initiatives on a system wide basis. Ultimately, the successful execution of these strategies will maximize the performance of our properties and hotels which will then likely position us to reap rewards through higher sale proceeds upon disposition.


Whether we are acquiring new properties or enhancing existing ones, our goal will remain to drive revenue growth and create long term value. We look to reinvest intelligently in our assets, eliminating deferred maintenance that can lead to increased costs and reduced guest and tenants satisfaction, and endorsing relationships to reduce purchasing costs and improve quality.
Navika’s management and operations team has gained valuable experience working in the economic challenges and financial crises. It has now crafted an excellent blue print to build a larger organization and developed strategies using “Conventional Wisdom and Forward Thinking.”