Navika Group of Companies commenced its business in 2005 with a mission to acquire, own and manage income generating real estate across the United States. The Company seeks to provide consistent returns to its partners and enhance their capital base. Our portfolio today consists of multi branded Full & Select Service Hotels such as Hilton, Marriott, IHG, Hyatt, Wyndham and Choice Hotels, Office Buildings, Shopping Complexes and Recreational Assets respectively.

Since its inception, the Navika Group has built a successful track record by converting productive and sustainable business strategies into not only providing the highest possible returns on partners’ capital, but also preserving & growing their investments in the Company. The Company remains committed to building and fostering long lasting relationships based on integrity and respect through the strength of its partners and its strategic alliances. The Company has also successfully entered several Strategic Alliances with other Hoteliers and Hotel Management Companies and tactically capitalized on leverage financing to maximize cash flow and capital appreciation. Currently Navika has created their own Hospitality Management Company called Blue Sky Hospitality Solutions.

The Company remains committed to its employees by fostering a work environment where employees are encouraged to think independently and collaboratively and are motivated to accomplish the mission of Navika.

Navika offers full and unconditional ownership to its partners in accordance with their capital contribution in the Company. The Company aspires to become a publicly traded REIT thereby enhancing liquidity and distribution of cash flows to Partners and encourages team members to participate in the equity of the Company. Navika aims to bring successful entrepreneurs together to benefit from their collective talent and experience and forge a premier place for itself in the Real Estate & Hospitality Industry.

Having withstood a test by fire of a challenging economy, environment, and markets based on the recent COVID 19 Virus, Navika has emerged stronger by concentrating on its strengths, determination and focus on the long term. The company has navigated an extremely difficult and volatile climate in our business environment thanks to its expertise, motivation, and creativity and by using CONVENTIONAL WISDOM AND FORWARD THINKING.

Whether we are acquiring new properties or enhancing existing ones, our goal will remain to drive revenue growth and create long term value.
Navika’s vision is to become a premier commercial real estate and lodging company to generate consistent returns with reduced volatility to our partners by investing their capital in the most profitable commercial real estate and franchised hospitality assets across United States of America.