• Strategic capital allocation is the compass that guides us toward value enhancement. With careful consideration and a forward-thinking approach, we meticulously allocate resources to areas where they can best flourish, fostering growth and creating value.
  • Every decision is a piece in our larger puzzle of value enhancement, one that prioritizes sustainable, long-term success over short-term gains. We analyze, innovate, and invest wisely to optimize our assets, ensuring that every dollar deployed serves a strategic purpose.
  • This commitment to strategic capital allocation and value enhancement is woven into the fabric of our culture, empowering us to make sound choices, unlock potential, and maximize returns for our stakeholders. It’s a journey that is driven by the quest for enduring excellence and the relentless pursuit of value creation.


  • Our portfolio comprises existing assets distinguished by their unique value propositions and strong foundational qualities. Navika actively sources, evaluates, and structures intricate transactions. Through deep-rooted relationships with brokers, lenders, and brand partners, Navika gains access to the most compelling opportunities that are both widely available and off-market.
  • Our rigorous process involves a thorough assessment of hundreds of acquisition prospects annually. This approach has enabled us to develop a comprehensive set of underwriting criteria. These criteria guide our investment selections across core, value-add, and opportunistic categories, all aimed at delivering substantial risk-adjusted returns for our valued investors.

Alternative Investments

  • Our alternative investments encompass a diverse range of assets beyond our commercial real estate and hospitality portfolio. Whether it be in private equity or credit, the common criteria include the potential for higher returns, lower correlation with traditional markets and often, a longer investment horizon.
  • Our active and cycled investments span a wide spectrum, encompassing various fields that align with our vision and mission. These fields include software development, wholesale and distribution, FF&E procurement, accounting, insurance services, and hotel management companies. Each venture within these domains is guided by our dedication to excellence, unwavering commitment to results, and the relentless pursuit of value creation.


  • Preferred Equity, Mezzanine Debt, Senior Mortgage
  • Navika leverages its robust capital market expertise and deep industry knowledge to pursue debt investments across the hospitality sector.
  • Our investments are structured to potentially deliver returns resembling those of equity investments while maintaining a risk profile akin to debt investments. This equilibrium is reinforced by significant equity subordination, ensuring a strong safety net.
  • Our approach involves analyzing lending opportunities from an equity perspective, drawing on our extensive experience as owners and operators in the industry. Simultaneously, we conduct thorough assessments of the sponsorship group’s creditworthiness and character. In the unfortunate event of a borrower default, we believe Navika is uniquely positioned to protect its investment.